Plano is proud to have produced some great citizens over the years.  While exploring is about much more than just recruiting new police officers, we are especially proud to acknowledge those explorers who did continue on to a career in Law Enforcement.  Here is a list of those members.

Scott Kermes - Plano PD

Josh Hills - Irving PD

​Brandon Jones - Prosper PD

Z Moreno - Baylor DPS

Travis Betz - Garland PD

Spenser Kerr - Plano PD

Michael Moore - Plano PD

Mike Palko - McKinney PD

Salomea Kerr - Plano PD

Hannah Middleton - Plano PD

Michael Montenegro - Plano PD

Kjirstina Moore - Dallas County SO

Brody Epstein - Plano PD

Fraz Faiz - Plano PD

Dzenan Gojack - Plano PD

Christian Boese - Plano PD

Michaela Fruci - Plano PD